Why us


Dear Bride and groom, are you looking for the right wedding planner? The decision is not for sure a trivial matter. Lake in Love wants to make you save time and stress. Thanks to us you will have an unique wedding day, beyond the fact of being local, which doesn't do any harm:

  • We don't copy or repeat any wedding, otherwise thinking about the big day throughout the years you will ask yourselves why you haven't done it your own way from the very start. Think about the people you know, many of them talk about their wedding day with emphasis and great joy, but there is always something wrong, a “but what if...”, “I would have done..”. With us this is not going to happen.
  • We don't impose our personal taste or our type of wedding day. Many specialist often sell their idea, because it is always the easiest and simpler way. You are unique to us, every time you will be starting from a blank page.
  • We respect your budget.
  • We honor all decisions previously taken together (flower quantity, collaborators chosen, punctuality, etc.).
  • We take care of your guests, we coordinate precisely all the activities and manage in a professional way every issue we could find on the path.
  • We don't receive commissions from our external collaborators because we want to feel free in giving you the most you can get.